If you are buying a house we recommend that you contact our office to discuss the process prior to commencing the process. We will provide you with the right advice and also some negotiation tips (we can also act on your behalf in the negotiation process should you wish). We will then partner with you through to settlement and completion of the transaction. A summary of Stevens Partners responsibility in this capacity is as follows:

  • Carefully peruse the contract, Form 1 and any ancillary documents
  • Obtain appropriate statutory searches. Check contract and Form 1 against searches. Advise client accordingly on outcomes.
  • Provide advice to clients on whether there are any concessions available – Tax or Grant such as the First Home Owners Grant
  • Confirm conditions of contract are fulfilled by parties by the due dates
  • Confirm finance arrangements with Purchaser and deal accordingly with Lender to ensure that they are ready for Settlement. Confirm amount to be provided by Lender at settlement and prepare settlement statement.
  • Adjust rates and taxes and any community or strata levy
  • Attend and complete settlement at Lands Titles Office with your Lender.
  • Advise Purchaser by telephone of completion of settlement
  • Send settlement confirmation letter to Purchaser
  • Send change of ownership letters to rating authorities and any community or strata corporation
  • Obtain copy of title showing Purchaser as registered proprietor and send to client

A full downloadable version is available here